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Forest for the Trees (Part 2)

April 28, 2010

A while back I wrote about how you can get so close to something you don’t really clearly see how much you’ve done, how far you’ve come. I would imagine that happens to all of us more often than we realize. Especially us moms. For those of you who know me and those of you who’ve been following you know I’m a new mom, this is our first try at parenting. I’ve also kept my day job (which I love) while Lee and I launch Court’s Kids and with my husband’s busy travel schedule I’m “winging it” quite often. Before you get out your violins, I am fully aware that I am no different than the millions of parents who juggle, just like me, every day.

It makes me wonder how often parents get to end of their days and don’t turn around and look at what they’ve accomplished. Did you save the world? Cure the common cold? Split the atom? Nope, probably not, but my guess is you did a lot today. I’m getting a whole new appreciation for my sister. She was a mother of three, had a job and ran a household just like many mommies do. She was my baby sister and had this whole mom thing down well before I even started. She was supposed to be here, helping me figure all this out…

This week I have felt that and missed her more than usual. Colin is cutting his one year molars…is this excruciating to watch your little one go through or what? There they are, minding their own business and out of nowhere, what I imagine must feel like daggers, are coming out of their little mouths. To say that stinks is an understatement, I’m sure. So, needless to say we’re not sleeping a whole lot this week. Last night he was up at 10, 12 and then 2:30am….after I got him back down the last time (at 3am mind you) my shoulder soaked in drool, here comes our crazy lab bounding up the stairs ready to play, throwing his rawhide chew around, jumping after it, trying to start a fun game of keep away…Are you kidding me? Right then and there I was convinced it was not in the stars for me to sleep at all.

Then, right on schedule at 5 am my little man was ready to say “Hello Day!” with his sweet little spirit and wonderful smile. Well, here we go. Shower, bottle, dressed, out the door and off to “school”. Busy day at the office, and with my feet in two worlds, I closed two new clients for my “day job” and prepped 160 books for our Court’s Kids bookshelf at Schoolhouse Supplies. Finishing out the day I made my way through a rainy Northwest spring day to pick up my guy, who was happily entertaining his younger buddies by clapping and jumping for them…he was either getting a reprieve from the tooth pain or it just wasn’t effecting his love of entertaining. Dinner, bath, story time, all the while signs of teething pain peeking out here and there. Poor guy.

But it was a good day. I have to make myself turnaround and look…maybe Courtney’s nudging me to do that. She was always really good at pulling me back to look at the big picture. We did that for each other, I miss that.

Kiki & Courtney

So, here I sit, calming lavender candle burning, watching Top Chef Masters, listening for the dryer to finish, and wondering if I’m going to make it long enough to see who gets kicked off American Idol (one of Court’s favs). Who am I kidding, I’m going to fall asleep, oh well…I’m recording it.

Turn around mommies and daddies, you did a lot today.

My little man

Little by Little,


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