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450 Books to Motivate

April 22, 2010

Yesterday we made another donation to our friends at The Shadow Project, an amazing group which creates incentive programs to motivate children with special needs. Our donation yesterday included 450 books (to date, Court’s Kids has donated over 5,450 books to partner schools and programs)! Here’s what Christy Scattarella, executive director and founder of The Shadow Project, had to say about our initial donation last month:

“Through Court’s Kids ,  the 1,350 special education students served by The Shadow  Project  are becoming confident readers. The special education teachers in our program were thrilled to find titles on their  wish lists, including Magic Treehouse, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Henry & Mudge and the Dragonslayer series — books we would not be able to purchase ourselves. The price point for several of the titles kids and teachers have requested exceeds our per child per month allotment. In other words, we would never be able to purchase them. Were it not for Court’s Kids, we would not have these books. Court’s Kids is making a huge impact on our most vulnerable students.”

We’re so honored to be working with such an incredible program and are looking forward to developing a strong relationship to provide books to motivate young readers. Yesterday was a big day, we had 450 books go out and within hours we had another full pallet come in from River City Books, thanks River City Books! A pallet consists of 28 boxes of books which contain on average about 150-200 books per box…you do the math!

Today I began setting up for volunteers to come and help me sort tomorrow. I couldn’t resist cracking open a few boxes to take a peek and have already seen some wonderful titles that I can’t wait to get into the hands of  our little friends. Books like “If you Give a Mouse a Muffin” by Numeroff, Thaler’s “Black Lagoon” series, and chapter books like Sharmat’s “Nate the Great” series and Henry Winkler’s “Hank Zipzer”…how fun!

Tune in tomorrow as my little sorting elves and I “tear:” through the pallet and get books boxed up. sorting books for kids

Little by Little,


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