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A Salute to Teachers

April 18, 2010

Last week we celebrated the Week of the Young Child, thanking educators and caregivers for all they do to teach our young learners. It made me think about our son, and how carefully we chose his nursery school when I returned to work. It was, of course, important that the school be safe and secure but knowing he was in good hands in terms of education was also important. Growing up with a teacher for a mom I have always had an immense amount of respect for our educators and all they do. So, when I saw how much learning was a focus for the kiddos (even the babies) at Colin’s prospective school it was a no brainer.

Courtney was always a big proponent of giving kids whatever they needed to find the way they learned best. Kids are all so different, they need us to help them find the way they learn and the support their needs. That’s what our teachers and caregivers do every day. They look at the individual, and help. To see some great examples of this, just visit our new friends at We Are Teachers, a great organization where teachers can share best practices.

We waited to start our family, always career oriented but also wanting to be sure we were closer to family when it happened, I was 32 when Colin was born. Courtney had her babies much younger, but being a mom came so easy to her. I remember visiting her when her little guy was just learning how to assert his independence and being in awe of both of them. Naively, I said “he’s like a little person!” meaning he’s so little but his little personality and opinions were already coming out. Courtney just smiled (the “I’m being as patient as I can be with an adult” smile) and said “yeah, he is…”

Now seeing my little guy grow every day I realize what a silly statement that was, of course he was a little person, they are from the start. I take Colin to “school” every day and I am so thankful for his teachers and how much they take into consideration each little person.

Thank you to all our teachers for helping our little people to learn.

Little by Little,


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