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Finding What Works, Part 2

April 5, 2010

Last week Lee wrote about finding what works in special education. As we build this organization we’re also finding what works. Lee, being much better at the policy updates and research, handles this for Court’s Kids. I handle the updates on our partners and the schools we work with. Directly related to getting creative in special education is one of our partners, The Shadow Project. We’ve just begun working with Christy recently, supplying books for their incentive program for children in special education programs in the Portland area. Its all about getting creative right? Finding what works with kids, what makes them excited about learning. This group does an amazing job of doing just that. You have to see this video. We’re really excited to be working with this group that helps motivate so many kids in Portland schools.

It’s all about how to face a challenge right? How to keep going when you think you can’t.  Even when you think you can’t, you can and you surprise yourself. If someone had asked me in the weeks following Courtney’s passing that Lee and I would be working together helping get books to kids in Courtney’s name I would have laughed. Yeah, right. Yet here we are, the one year anniversary of the day she quietly slipped away from us just a couple months away. 5,000 books donated in her name.

My little man turns one tomorrow, my hope is to help him learn how to always stand up and face a challenge. He’s a persistent little guy, strong willed, wonder where he gets that? He loves books, wonder where he gets that?

Tomorrow we celebrate my little guy and his 1st year. Today we celebrate new partners and getting creative about helping kids learn.

Little by Little,


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