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March 29, 2010

Last week our new friends at Schoolhouse Supplies donate 400 books to Court’s Kids! Schoolhouse Supplies is an amazing organization that sources donations from area businesses to supply teachers with a “store” where they can shop (for free) to get the supplies they need for their classrooms. For those of you who’ve been following us lately you’ll remember that we just struck up a partnership with Schoolhouse Supplies to have a dedicated bookcase just for special education teachers. We’re so excited to be working with them!

Court's Kids book section at Schoolhouse Supplies

It is always a goal of ours to expand our sources, there are so many wonderful books out there that need good homes. Special Education Teachers – I encourage you to contact us for more information about how you can get books for your classroom and for your students to begin building their own home libraries.

Our family has always been very book-centric, we grew up surrounded by them, and were encouraged to find our own favorites, to love stories. As the children of a teacher and a lawyer we were always reading. Our home was always full of books. To say my father is a book lover would be a grand understatement. He cherishes his books and taught us how to appreciate all kinds of stories. In fact, one of his “fears” had always been that, on his passing, Courtney would empty all the bookshelves onto the lawn for a yard sale…”hardbacks $1, paperbacks $0.50″ we still laugh about that to this day.

It turns out though that his love of books may have rubbed off on Courtney more than he realized. On her first, and unfortunately only, visit to see my son she brought him some baby clothes and such. But a special bag was set aside with a whole little library of his own, all gently loved copies of the classics. It was important to her that her new nephew have his own library. She loved kids, she loved books. And, to our new friends and followers of Court’s Kids, we are getting the distinct honor of supplying many children with the start of their own home libraries.

Little by Little,


Court's Kids Special Education Book Supply Program

Hazel Dell Special Education Program - AKA Court's Kids!

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