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Supplying Teachers – Our New Partner

March 11, 2010

Today I visited our friends at Schoolhouse Supplies, a wonderful organization which pulls in donations from area businesses and has created a really cool “store” where Portland teachers can shop for supplies for their classrooms. There are great synergies with our groups and…if that isn’t enough…my contact’s name is Courtney.

At Schoolhouse Supplies the teachers can shop for any number of things, paper, pens, pencils, incentive items, and (of course) books. They have several aisles dedicated specifically to books. They have them separated out by reading level and now, thanks to our new partnership, there is a bookshelf dedicated just for special education teachers with books donated by Court’s Kids. We’re thrilled to be able to provide these books!

Court's Kids book section at Schoolhouse Supplies

Kiki & Courtney, Partners in Crime yet again đŸ˜‰

Little by Little,


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