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Next Steps

March 9, 2010

Last week was a big week. I have to admit that after all the planning and preparation and then the amazing day we had on March 4th I was left Friday with a strange feeling. I was looking around and thinking to myself…okay…what’s next? Not accustomed to having much free time on my hands I started looking at my Court’s Kids to do list.

A static item on the list is developing new relationships. As you’ve seen we have great relationships with our wonderful partner schools which only encourages us to develop more. This week we’ve had great conversations with two wonderful organizations. We Are Teachers and The Shadow Project. We Are Teachers is like Facebook for teachers, a place where teachers can share best practices, discuss current events and issues and share their experiences with their colleagues. To our teacher friends, I encourage you to become a part of this community. You’ll see more on We Are Teachers and our relationship with them in upcoming posts so stay tuned.

The Shadow Project is a really incredible group which has developed an incentive program for children with special needs. By achieving set goals they can earn “Shadow Bucks” which they can cash in by shopping at the “Shadow Store”. They can buy toys and fun things but also books and gifts for others. They do amazing work and we’re excited to develop our relationship with them.

In the midst of all of this my little one is starting his own next steps, he’s “graduating” from the baby room to the 1 year old class (or the “big boy” class as I like to call it). He’s so close to walking it stuns me. Can he really be almost a year old? Courtney would have been so excited for his big transition, I’m sure she’s watching him proudly. Its funny as Court’s Kids begins to take another step forward into a new phase, my little guy is doing the same…we’re growing together.

Little by Little,


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