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Happy Birthday Court!

March 4, 2010

Today I woke with a sense of peace I’ve not felt in a long time and wound up having an amazing day. It started simply, like most days, breakfast, packing lunch, running around getting ready. When it came to school clothes Colin wore his Texas gear in honor of Aunt Courtney, a rabid Longhorn fan. My little one is too young now to really have known how much Court would have gotten a kick out of his shirt but he will one day. Little Texan Reader

We trotted off to school where I left Colin happily helping his teacher in the kitchen, he loves to put away the dishes and “help” organize…wonder where he gets that? I hopped in the car and headed for work, sensing Courtney riding along today.

Courtney's Birthday

My first stop was to pick up a birthday cake, yummy butter cream, vanilla cake with a layer of chocolate butter cream in the middle. It filled my car with the smell of sugary goodness, the smell of birthdays perhaps?

After stopping at the office and getting the day settled I headed back out and was on my way to our big birthday party. As I pulled into the parking lot at Hazel Dell Elementary the sky was blue with puffy white clouds, it was warm and sunny and looked to be the beginning of a beautiful day. The school was busy and bustling as all schools are, it is a delightfully cheery place with lots of happy faces.

I checked in at the office and got my visitor badge and headed up to the Special Education classroom and was greeted by birthday party central! We has a colorful table set up with party hats, the books, book marks, goodie bags and punch and smiling faces!

Books, Bookmarks & Hats!

The kids arrived shortly after and were so excited. We even had one little stylish gentleman dress up for the occasion with his vest and tie, it was amazing.

We helped the kiddos choose a bookmark and a party hat and a book and we all sat down together to read, “Too Much Birthday”. The kids were amazing, everyone read along with me and we laughed together at the funny parts and talked about fun birthday parties, they were so sweet and well behaved…I was in awe. Was this what Courtney got to see? As I looked up from the story every so often I saw these beautiful faces, intently following along in their own copies, some smiling, some serious…all beautiful. When Lee and I started this organization I thought I knew why Courtney did this, she helped kids, simple as that a no brainer. But today I saw, I really saw why she chose this career path…the kids are wonderful…and I’m hooked.

Following along with his new bookmark...handmade by Courtney's Mom


After the story we had cake and punch and talked about birthdays and our favorite things about those special days. One little guy told me this was the best birthday party ever…he also later told me that the party hats were the best party hats ever so I think he was just pleased overall. It was a blast. I was worried I might get emotional and ruin the party but everything was so festive and the kids were so joyful I was too busy to get teary.

As I left our new friends and walked back out to my car, on a little sugar high and smiling I smelled spring, felt the cool breeze, watched the clouds dance across the sky and felt Courtney smiling.

My next stop was at the Vancouver Early Childhood Center where I did three rounds of story time with the classes there. This group was younger, preschoolers. As they filed in and took their spots on the mat to read, there again they were, sweet faces ready for the magic of a story. As the last group was leaving, one little guy came up and simply said thank you and gave me a hug…which sparked all his little friends to do the same. Hugs all around.

Between Hazel Dell, VECC and the Ruidoso Elementary School we donated over 460 books on this day alone.

Today I woke with a sense of peace, and it was an amazing day.

Little by Little,



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