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Tomorrow is a Big Day

March 3, 2010

Tomorrow is a big day for sure. In honor of what would have been Courtney’s 30th birthday we are holding reading events at three of our partner schools. I’ve written before about how much Courtney loved birthdays and how special she made everyone feel on their special day. For her special day we’ve selected one of our partner schools (this year it is Hazel Dell Elementary in Vancouver, WA) to have a big birthday party. We’ll be reading Courtney’s favorite, the Berenstein Bears “Too Much Birthday” together and all 30 kiddos will get to take home their very own copy of the book to keep. After the story we’ll have punch and birthday cake and celebrate together. We’ve got party hats, bookmarks for each child (handmade by my mother) and treat bags (handmade by one of the wonderful Hazel Dell PTA moms) it will be a great party!

After our party at Hazel Dell I head to the Vancouver Early Childhood Center where I’ll be reading “Too Much Birthday” in the library for all their classes.  At the same time, down south in New Mexico the kids at the Ruidoso Elementary School will also have their own party. Court’s Kids is sending a “Books by the Boxful” box to each school so all the students can go home with a book. In all we will donate over 460 books on this day alone.

Now, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that this will also be an excruciatingly tough day for me at the same time. Could it really only have been just 9 months ago that we lost her? Some days it seems like it just happened yesterday, other days it feels like years ago. I am so proud of what our organization has been able to accomplish in the midst of grief. Tomorrow I am going to get to do something Courtney did a million times, plop down on the floor and read to kids. Something my own career never gave me the opportunity to do. When she came into this world my baby sister changed my life forever, and when she left she did it again.

We’re honored to share this day of celebration with our partner schools. I’m honored that I get to see everything up close, first hand, be face to face with children like Courtney did so much. I will see what she saw, hear what she heard, walk where she walked. To me, it will be as close as I can get to celebrating with her in person.

Kiki & Courtney

Little by Little,


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