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Readers Reflect: Granddad’s Poetry

February 28, 2010

“Readers Reflect,” is a weekly post by a guest blogger reflecting on a formative book, character, or reading experience that has been particularly meaningful in their life as a reader. To submit your own “Readers Reflect” essay, please contact us at

I was a dreamy sort of young child and not particularly interested in reading. For me, reading was laborious. But I did love to have my grandfather read to me.

Granddad’s love of poetry was a wonderful match for my dreamy imagination often sending me off to slumber with delightful images of daffodils, trees and children going to bed by candlelight. The poems granddad read to me were from “grown up” poetry books or poems he recited by heart. Thinking of my grandfather’s gentle voice fills my heart with love today.

It’s not surprising that books of children’s poetry are the first books I actually remember reading. I especially cherished the ones given as gifts to me by my grandfather. He always included a personal sentiment written in flowery penmanship on the inside front cover of the book. A precious gift then, a precious memory now.

Some years later I finally really did get hooked on reading books.

During a bout with rheumatic fever I was required to spend most of the summer in bed being calm and quiet. Nancy Drew and her sleuthing pals came to my rescue. Much to my mother’s relief, and mine, the quiet hours flew by as I systematically devoured those books.  Many of the books I read from the Nancy Drew series actually belonged to my mother as a child and she’d kept them. Today I seem to still smell the paper of books packed away for decades and remember how excited my mother seemed as she shared her own experience with Nancy.

The precise book titles haven’t been the most important part of my reading journey. The books offered me a special way to connect with adults in my life, share in their passionate reading experiences and be guided to cultivate reading as an adventure rather than a task.

Marcia is a long time friend of Kiki’s and gave Kiki her first real marketing job. Newly retired, we’ve snagged her as one of our board members and are so happy to have access to her passion for books, family and people.

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