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Upcoming Birthday Event

February 24, 2010

We’re gearing up for our birthday event next week and I’m so excited. Next week, March 4th which would have been Courtney’s 30th birthday, we will be reading at 3 schools. It should be so fun, there will be party hats, and a birthday story, “Too Much Birthday” with the Berenstein Bears. We’re also sending boxes of books specifically for the event to our schools so the kiddos can take a new book home on Courtney’s birthday. This year we’re reading at Vancouver Early Childhood Center, Hazel Dell Elementary, Klamath Falls ECI and in Ruidoso, NM with one of our board members. We grew up in the El Paso/Southern New Mexico area so this is especially meaningful. On March 4th we will distribute around 600 books.

Each year we’ll pick one school which will receive copies of the Berenstein Bears book and have cake and punch and party hats and I will personally go and read with the kids. This year it will be Hazel Dell. Yesterday the books arrived…I am so excited to share them with the kids. Courtney would be so tickled knowing she is getting to give kids a present on her birthday.

Too Much Birthday

Little by Little,


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