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A Special Day is Approaching

February 6, 2010

Just under one month from now, March 4th will arrive. That was Courtney’s birthday. I am sure all of us who knew her are trying to figure out how to deal with this day. These kinds of days are undoubtably difficult to deal with for anyone who’s lost a loved one. However, Courtney made a huge deal out of birthdays, for her you didn’t just celebrate your special day…you got the whole week. For me, I couldn’t bear to let this day slip by with anything but a celebration for her. She made everyone feel special on their day, especially her kids and the kids she worked with.

This year Courtney would have been 30. For years I had been thinking of fun things we could do for my baby sister’s 30th. Should Jane and I steal her away and take her to Vegas for the first time for a little girls weekend? Should we go a different route and still steal her away for a couple days, meet up at some wonderful spa and let this busy mom get pampered? Should we all descend on Klamath Falls for an elaborate surprise party? I had a million ideas. None of which we’ll get to play out.

Regardless, we have an opportunity to make this a wonderful day. This March 4th I’m going to two of our partner schools here in the Portland/Vancouver area to have a birthday party. I’ve mentioned before that Courtney was a huge fan of the Berenstein Bears book series. They have a title called “Too Much Birthday” where Sister Bear, excited about her birthday, goes a little over board…too much cake, too much hoopla, not enough sleep…typical kid stuff. So, on this day we will bring cake and party hats and read the story together with “Court’s Kids”. I can’t wait, it should be so much fun. We’ll also bring a box of books so each kiddo can take home a book to keep on Courtney’s birthday. I know she’d be tickled to know that she is getting to give all of these kids a little present on her special day. Our friends at the Klamath Falls ECI where Courtney worked are doing something similar for the day. It will be a wonderful celebration.

A spa trip would have been awesome, treating Courtney to massages and pedicures. Vegas would have been a hoot, surely we would have had to teach her to play black jack and catch Wayne Newton. A surprise party would have been a blast, to see the look of shock on her face when we yelled surprise. Instead, I’ll get to see what she saw every day, smiling little faces excited about a new story and a piece of cake.

Kiki & Courtney at a Picnic on the Rio Grande 1983

Little by little,


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