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January 29, 2010

With the addition of our two new partner programs in Klamath Falls, OR I thought this would be a great time to give a little update on our progress so far. As of today Court’s Kids has distributed 3,800 books and we are working with 6 schools and/or early intervention programs. As a reminder, our goal was to work with 10-15 schools in our first year. We are well on our way, how exciting!

Here are a few words from our pilot school on our recent donation for their Birthday Book program:

The box of books for our birthday library are terrific!  We continue to give a book to each child from birth to 5 that we see at our initial visit with the families and explain why we are able to give such a precious and important gift.   The families and their child are so jazzed to take a book home.   We are pleased that Healthy Start is now a recipient of Courts Kids, they are an awesome agency who do such important work and we are always happy to partner with them to help make a positive difference in the lives of children and families.  (Courtney, the lives you continue to touch will be countless as your legacy lives on)  Blessings to you all at “Court’s Kids” 

–  Sandi Z. Klamath Falls ECI

A few posts ago I wrote about when we actually start loving books. I imagine it is different for everyone, and with different books for different reasons. Stay tuned as we launch a new series of guest bloggers who will be writing about when they first began loving books and reading.

Little by little,


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