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Digging Deep on Hard Days

January 28, 2010

Hello friends,

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. For those of you who don’t know us well, Lee, Lindsay, Mom and I have all kept our “day jobs” during the development of this organization. So, there are times when stars and planets align for a little slow down. This week for me it was Colin’s cold. My poor little man caught a whopper of a cold and put us both out of school and work for a few days. Nothing like a sick baby to bring a complete halt to everything.

It made me think of the kids and families we serve. While many are just at the beginning stages of their new challenge in raising a child with special needs, some are right in the midst of it and every day they juggle and meet the needs of their children.  The last few days I’ve been juggling commitments at the office (my day job) and Colin’s needs. His needs over the last few days were a little different being sick, turns out he likes to still play with his toys but wants me to sit with him. And his favorite thing so far has been sitting in my lap reading…I must have read “Goodnight Moon” a dozen times and we have successfully opened and closed all of the flaps on the Sesame Street “Ready For School” book about a hundred times…learning shapes, colors, numbers. It just hammered home how important this organization can be. If we can provide books for mommys and daddys to do the same, we’ve more than met Courtney’s ambition of helping kids learn.  

Right now I’m half watching American Idol, half working. This was a show Courtney watched with her kiddos, they all got into it together. I’m watching a good number of tone deaf people be shocked and amazed that they aren’t selected for the next round. But then you get the fun ones, the really talented people who just need a chance.  That’s what Court’s Kids needs now, just a chance, we’re ready (as the president said in his speech tonight) to “do the hard work”. We just need the opportunity to make a difference like we know we can.

Gotta love the contestant who sang one of my favorite songs by the great Stevie Wonder, “Overjoyed”

“though you don’t believe that they do, dreams do come true”

Even though she isn’t here, we can absolutely fulfill her dreams….

Courtney, introducing her babies to the ocean

Little by little,


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