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When do we start loving books?

January 19, 2010

This last week I noticed my little son, 9 months old, starting to really enjoy books. He actually sits still when I open a book. We’re starting with simple things, a book with pictures of animals, one about fire trucks and, of course, “Goodnight Moon”. He looks closely at the pictures, watches my mouth as I read, and touches the pages. He likes to turn the pages himself, guiding the pace of the story, moving things along…who does that sound like? Mommy perhaps?

My little reader

I thought of my favorite books when I was a kiddo, I loved anything Sesame Street…my favorite was Grover. Later I read and re-read the Ramona series, how fun was she? Her own person, a great role model for little girls. Strike your own path and who cares what people think…feels like I’m doing that now…

As I was sorting through our books for the Klamath Falls Early Start program I looked at each book carefully. With my son the same age as this group I thought of things he likes to look at and see. We had such a beautiful selection in this batch, all kinds of fun things. It made me wonder if this is the time where readers are created, when book lovers are made.

Maybe so…what can it hurt to try?

Little by Little,


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