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A Prize

January 16, 2010

Today I sorted books for our current programs and two new ones. We sent a box to our friends at Hazel Dell Elementary School in Vancouver, WA. This box is a new addition to their stash for “Footy Friday”. Their teacher, the wonderful Marti, holds a fun Friday event where the children don their slippers, drink cocoa and read. Court’s Kids is sending each child home with a new book to keep each Friday.

All Packed Up With Somewhere To Go

We also prepped a box to ship to our pilot school, Klamath Falls Early Childhood Intervention, for their Birthday Book Program. Every child gets to take a book home to keep on their birthday, Courtney would have especially loved that.

This has been a big week, we gained two new programs, both in Klamath Falls who heard about our work with Klamath Falls ECI. The word is spreading and that is so exciting. We’re now working with a program which provides day care in local high schools so teen parents can finish school. A teen parent herself, Courtney would have loved to help these kiddos thrive.  The second program is a great group which helps with home visits to at risk children. They visit and help with basic things like nutrition and parenting but also take books along with them. Court’s Kids will be supplying a set of books for the workers to allow the kids to keep the books. This encourages families to read to their children and understand the value of early literacy.

As I sorted through all the books this morning it struck me that I get to touch every single book we donate. How amazing is that? I was overwhelmed by the idea, by doing this I get to literally pass on Courtney’s passion for helping children. At the rate we’re moving I’m not sure how long I will be able to do that but for now, I’m honored to be able to do it.

Every time I sort for our programs I touch hundreds of books, carefully looking for the best ones, maybe a little loved but still in great shape. Each time I find a treasure, a prize so to speak, something that makes my heart smile. One time it was a big bunch of the Berenstein Bears books (Courtney’s favorites) another time it was nearly all the Nancy Drew titles (special to our sister-in-law Lindsay). Today, the prize was one that made me laugh.

On one (of many) road trip with my family my sister Jane was at the age of reading her first chapter books, the early novels. She had recently read “Brighty of the Grand Canyon” about a brave mule and his adventures in the Grand Canyon. To test whether she’d actually read the book or not, Dad asked her to present her synopsis to her siblings during our drive. Jane, always the best at storytelling, made her way through the story as we all listened intently. For the parts Jane hadn’t exactly retained, she told us that Brighty had been involved in some sort of “struggle”. Turns out Brighty had a lot of struggles. Today my prize came in the form of a perfect hardback edition of none other than “Brighty of the Grand Canyon”.

Kiki, Courtney & Jane - At Courtney's Wedding, she was stunning...

We all have our “struggles” and we get through them.

Little by Little,


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