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Getting the Word Out

January 8, 2010

One of our main goals for growing Court’s Kids and spreading the word about our efforts was to work our networks of friends and family. We felt we had a compelling cause and if just one of our friends told a couple of their friends, we had not only taught more people about what we’re doing but saved marketing dollars in the process!

I had noticed a big spike in the traffic to our site in the last few days. I knew we had taken a little break in the updates and promotion over the Christmas holiday so I knew it wasn’t us…what was it?

Today, sitting in the mail was a donation from my Mom’s high school music teacher. Along with his generous donation was a sample of a flyer he made up and sent to his network…traffic spike explained! Welcome new friends and a special thank you to Mr. Miller. This is how we grow my friends, little by little, by sharing the story of Court’s Kids with our networks, our friends.

This week we received applications from two amazing programs in the Klamath Falls area. It seems fitting that we should build this organization by starting with the children in Klamath Falls where Courtney lived and raised her family with her husband before she was taken from us. She would be over the moon over this, so excited.

Tonight is a big night, we received some totally unexpected support, begun work with two new programs, and Texas is playing for the National Championship.

Little Texas Fan

A "hook 'Em Horns" from my little Texan

To say Courtney was a rabid Texas fan would be an understatement. Tonight, if all were the same as it were a year ago, the phone lines would be lit up with Courtney’s hollering calls on just about every play. Mostly to Dad…this was their thing, Texas football.

I’m not the biggest football fan by any stretch. But, I’m married to a huge sports fan so I watch my fair share. In fact, if they had a playoff situation like March Madness, I’d be all over it, but I digress. Tonight, in honor of Courtney, and our new friends and supporters in Texas thanks to Mr. Miller, I am watching Texas play. We’re not doing so good…but it’s not over ’til it’s over right?? There is always hope.

I watch with anticipation, trying not to wake the baby, but all the while feeling Courtney’s passion for football…and for kids…Hook ‘Em

Little by Little,


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