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A New Year

January 5, 2010

As we begin the first full week of 2010 I am happy to share with you that our recent fund raising efforts throughout the holiday season have resulted in raising over $1200 for Court’s Kids!  Our Books by the Boxful program can get a box of about 200 books to a needy school for just about $25. The generous donations we have received will not only go straight to our program to distribute the books but also to our efforts to build our organization so we may support more schools. To those of you who are new to our site, I say welcome, please check back often as we launch into 2010 with all the excitement and passion Courtney would have had for this project. There will be much to read about!

So far, in our first few months of operation we’ve been able to distribute over 3,000 books. And, as we begin a new year I am so excited to add more schools and expand our reach. We’ve developed some wonderful relationships with schools in the Portland/Vancouver area and down into Klamath Falls. We have been able to bring small classroom libraries to these schools as well as libraries for speech therapy programs and even a Birthday Book program where children can get a new book on their birthday. 

Court's Kids Special Education Book Supply Program

Hazel Dell Special Education Program - AKA Court's Kids!

Those of us who knew Courtney definitely feel her absence, but as her sister, I can definitely say I feel her presence every time we work with a new school and every time we take a step forward in the growth of this organization. Thank you to those of you who have been so supportive in our early days, we could not do this without you. We have so much to do still, but I am encouraged and inspired every day. Stay tuned as we reach out to more schools in the coming weeks, work with our current schools to enhance our support of their programs and build Court’s Kids.

Little by Little,


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