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Christmas Presence

December 29, 2009

Last week we sent off two boxes of 250 books to our pilot school, Klamath Falls ECI. This Christmas delivery will provide books for each of their 3 classrooms, for their articulation group and their speech language pathologists.

“I came in this morning and found 2 huge “presents” waiting for me!  I think the books are great and so many that will work for birthdays.  There are many that our birth to 3 program, I know will be delighted to use during their home visits to the little ones.  The teachers will be awed by the bounty when they return “next year”.”

– Sandi Zeigelmeyer, Klamath Falls ECI

We’re so excited to support Klamath Falls as that is where Courtney worked. We are happy to be working with their wonderful staff who have done so much to keep Courtney close and her mission alive. I’m sure many of us felt her presence over the last week. For me it came while I watched “White Christmas” on Christmas Eve, the scene where the Hanes Sisters perform their dynamic number aptly named “Sisters” was particularly memorable for me. Dad used to sing that to us when Courtney and I were having a sisterly spat…I actually miss those now.


Off we head toward a new year, one filled with the promise of bringing more books into schools and home libraries.

Little by little,


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