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Holiday Spirit

December 19, 2009

Today we had another really successful day for Court’s Kids. We had a small team out wrapping gifts at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Washington Square Mall here in the Portland area. It was a huge success, we met so many wonderful people, many of whom donated way more than what our wrapping was worth. We got the message of Court’s Kids mission out to so many people, I’m thrilled at the idea of more people knowing about what we do and how we can support children with special needs.

Getting the message out, supporting kids with special needs

Our handouts among ribbons and donations.

This was the first time I have had to speak face to face with potential donors of our mission and our story, how we lost our sister and are working in her honor,  tell them our story and about the schools we’ve already helped. I’m pretty proud of myself for not crying, did I get choked up at times? Absolutely. I miss my sister terribly. But, I felt Courtney’s presence all along the way, supporting me and supplying me with the strength I needed to spread the word. We were able to wrap many gifts and while wrapping we told everyone how Court’s Kids has already supported 4 schools in the Northwest and distributed over 3,000 books. We showed them a sample of the shipping box we use for our Books by the Boxful program. This program ships up to 200 books to a school for just about $25.

Today I had with me my dear friend Hilary, we’ve been through so much together and I can’t imagine doing this without her love and support. She thinks she’s the worst gift wrapper but she did great and was a huge help. She brought along a new friend, Tiah, who taught us both how to actually wrap gifts properly, thank you Tiah. She is wonderful and we are so happy to have her involvement.

Next week Lee and Lindsay hit the Barnes & Noble in their area of Illinois. We are spreading the word of Courtney’s life passion of helping children with special needs. Today we raised about $175, with our Books by the Boxful program that will get 7 boxes of books shipped to needy schools. Thank you generous Portlanders!

Court's Kids gift wrapping at Barnes & Noble

Busy Barnes & Noble with Holiday Shoppers

Little by Little,


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