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December Fundraiser

December 10, 2009

Last night I was catching up on some work after Colin went to bed and had the Charlie Brown Christmas Special on in the background…you HAVE to watch that at least once during the holiday season right? Courtney loved any and all Christmas movies, it ended up rubbing off on me and now I’ll watch just about anything with Christmas in the title during the month of December no matter of sappy and un-Oscar-worthy. But I digress, I wanted to write tonight to tell you of our plans for December fund raising.

During the holiday season Barnes & Noble bookstores offer free gift wrapping to their customers. They allow local organizations to come in and provide volunteers to do the actual gift wrapping and suggest customers make a donation to the organization wrapping for that day. Court’s Kids has secured a few days to do gift wrapping this December. This Saturday my Mom is wrapping at the Barnes & Noble in El Paso, TX (Courtney’s hometown). She’s got an army of volunteers from the school where she works to help so they can be there all day. If you are in the El Paso area this weekend please do some of your holiday shopping at the Sunland Park Barnes & Noble and support Court’s Kids!

Next week I will be at the Washington Square Barnes & Noble here in Portland and Lee & Lindsay will be wrapping outside Chicago. Our goal is to get the word out at generate funds for more books to be distributed and for our organizational development.

Shop ’til you drop!

Little by Little,


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