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“Footy Friday”

December 8, 2009

Last Friday I had the honor of sending a box of 100 books to the special education program at Hazel Dell Elementary School. I had no idea that the box was about to arrive on “Footy Friday”. This is a day centered around reading for fun designed by their wonderful teacher Marti who I had the pleasure of meeting during my visit a few weeks ago. She described the day in her comment here:

“To all of you at Court’s Kids:
Friday morning my principal, Woody Howard, arrived at my classroom door with a box of books for my kids here at Hazel Dell Elementary.  I was completely overwhelmed by your generosity!  It just happened to be “Footy Friday”–a day when the kids put on their slippers, we drink hot chocolate, and read, read, read.  It was nothing short of amazing that the books arrived on that day!  My kids were thrilled, and helped me sort them, talk about them, and everyone went home with a new book.  The kids are excited because I told them everyone would get another book next Friday.

Courtney Bunfill must have been an exceptional woman to inspire such an organization–and now, you have me to help support this wonderful group in any way I can.

Thank you again for your compassion and generosity to our children here at Hazel Dell.
Marti Lloid, Special Ed Teacher, Hazel Dell Elementary, Vancouver, WA”

You can imagine how exciting it was to read this comment, Footy Friday is just the kind of event Courtney would have gone crazy over. She would have loved any excuse to wear slippers to work to begin with but the idea of making a fun even over reading would have been right up her alley. She made everything fun and went out of her way to make sure the kiddos she was around always had special days. She and Marti would have been great friends I’m sure.

There are 29 kids in the program at Hazel Dell, I’m working with Marti to begin supplying books for her kiddos for each Footy Friday. This is just the kind of program our organization is designed to support, caring teachers, working hard and inspiring children to love reading.

Little by Little,


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