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Another Donation!

November 20, 2009

This afternoon I dropped off another donation of books to Vancouver Early Childhood Center. We donated 300 books for the classrooms, 150 for the speech and language program and 150 for a birthday book program. It was a wonderful day for Court’s Kids.

Today they had their Thanksgiving celebration, “Albuquerque, he’s my turkey” was on the wall and I saw a few little ones with little turkey hats of construction paper. It was a great sight to see, so alive and warm. I could not have been more honored to drop off these books, how blessed am I that I get this as part of my day? The staff does amazing work here, we are happy to know them and honored to be able to support them.

As I pulled up, the buses were arriving. A normal event at this time of day for any school but it made me smile, this was one of the jobs Courtney had at Klamath Falls Early Childhood Center. She helped with transportation, making sure the kids got on and off the right buses and worked with parents to make sure their children arrived safely. I could almost just see her standing out there on this chilly November day, big jacket, smiling and waiving at kiddos as they got on their buses.

Next week I sort books again, this time for Marysville School. Slowly we make wonderful progress, always with Courtney by our side.

Little by Little,


Sorting Table at the Warehouse



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