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November 17, 2009

It is, without question, easy to find inspiration to do the hard work when we have such amazing days like those when I come home with a car packed with books, only enough room for my little son and his car seat. But then there are days when writing the narrative for our 501c3 and finalizing the budget is staring me in the face…ugh…this is the hard part. But, there are no real rewards without hard work right? This week I get the pleasure of dropping off 600 books to the Vancouver Early Childhood Center, come back and I’ll tell you how it went. And next week I’ll go out and sort for the Marysville school. But tonight and tomorrow night I write…and procrastinate…can you tell? I should be writing and calculating but I take a break to update our growing followers and supporters. Who am I kidding, you are giving me a reason to take a break 🙂

We have an exciting couple of weeks ahead, lots of books to be delivered, our search for legal help continues, and I’m sure something else will pop up along the  way. Please check back often, I’m sure we’ll have lots of adventures to share, “struggles” as my sister Jane used to say when she was jumping over the boring parts of stories when we were little.  And as I listen to my little one breathing peacefully on the baby monitor I think of how much fun he’s having with books lately. He’s starting to actually focus in on the pictures instead of trying to chew the corner of the book. It makes me think of all of the little guys we’re helping to learn about how fun books can be. That’s all the inspiration I need…back to the budget…little by little.

Lots of Inspiration in a Little Package



Little by Little,


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