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A New Opportunity to Help

November 13, 2009

Every school is a school in need but sometimes a school in need really has immediate needs. This week a local Portland K-8 school was hit with a three alarm fire. Thankfully none of the 460 students we hurt. You can read more about it here. Much of the Portland community is reaching out to help this school get back on its feet. The students are being moved to a temporary school home which is being outfitted with donations from area businesses and manpower from volunteers to be able to open next week.

I reached out to the group organizing the donations called Schoolhouse Supplies to see what they needed in the way of books and what their special education program needs were. We’re working out the details now but Court’s Kids will provide a set of books so that each student can take home a book to keep as well as a set specifically for the special education program. Our second round of donation which will come later will consist of a supply of books to help rebuild their library.

Last night I wrote about the tough day I’d had missing my sister. After I finished up my blog post I poked through the news online as I often do. It’s usually late and the only real time I get to learn about what’s going on in the world. Something really pushed me to find out how we could support Marysville. I sent a simple email asking how we could help and a representative emailed me back today…her name is Courtney.

Little by Little,


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