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Special Days & Tough Days

November 12, 2009

When you are in the midst of any tragedy, great or small (who are we kidding? all tragedies are great when they are happening to you) people always say you’ll have good days and tough days. I never fully understood what that meant until now. I’m a doer amidst tragedy, trudge forward, get it done, move forward, get stronger. So, the tough days hit me pretty hard because they usually come out of nowhere.

We’re at birthday time, one of Courtney’s children is about to celebrate a birthday. She always made a huge deal out of your special day, and went totally nuts over those special days that belonged to her children. She made it a point to make them feel as though the world would surely stop for just an instant and celebrate their special day. It is today I miss her terribly.

She made every child feel like a super hero, like they could do anything. I’ve said this many times before but she had almost zero patience for adults and a seemingly endless supply for kids. She never hesitated for a second to plop down on the floor and read with a little one or play or keep them company while their parents we’re in a meeting with a teacher. She also had a way with parents, if anyone could make a parent feel as though they were doing an amazing job amidst a challenge, it was Courtney.

Today was a tough day for me, I missed her terribly. My little one just learned to wave “bye bye” as I dropped him at “school” this morning I did as I usually do, taking my time, getting him settled with his little lunch and bottles in the fridge and extra bibs for his drooly, teething self. And when I kissed him goodbye and waived to him he put his little chubby baby hand out and waived back at me. I almost burst into tears, a proud mommy moment. And as I walked to the car, so overwhelmed with love for my kiddo, I was also a little sad…this is the exact kind of thing I would have jumped in the car and called her about. She would have been so excited. She would have probably talked me into turning around, going back in and making him do it again so I could take a picture with my camera phone to send to her.

She made special days amazing and tough days doable. How do you make a tough day doable? Little by Little.

A family receiving a book from Court's Kids

A family receiving a book from Court's Kids

Little by Little,

– Kiki

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  1. Sandi Z. permalink
    November 16, 2009 5:38 pm

    Dear Kiki, it’s said that shedding tears is good for us and as I sit here shedding mine I am remembering the times I saw Courtney doing just what you described with children in our program and also her sharing of the activities she did at home with her babies. She brought so many blessings to our lives and continues to bless us with our memories. ( I know she is waving to your baby today)

    The school in Portland will be forever touched by your efforts in Courtney’s memory, you all are awesome!

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