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Courtney – Calm When It Counted

November 3, 2009

Sunday we were blessed with a gorgeous fall day here in the Northwest, cool and crisp but clear sky and beautiful sunshine. That afternoon we got Colin bundled up and went for a walk. We walked down to the same park by our house we always go to. We must have taken that walk dozens of times when I was pregnant, trying to nudge our little guy along I waddled myself down and back, down and back. This day was definitely different, gorgeous fall colors, crisp cool air, wide-eyed little 7 month old in his stroller taking it all in.


Ready to Roll



This was the same walk we took with Courtney and her kiddos just 4 months ago. We all went down to the park and the kids were having a blast playing on the jungle gym and watching our dog go after the frisbees like a nut. He loves fetching, he’s great at the fetching part but has no interest in bringing the ball or frisbees all they way back to you. After about 10 min the baby started to have a meltdown, not happy. Being a new mom I had clearly misjudged how long we had before he would be hungry again. I had to head back. Courtney came along with me while Bryan stayed with the kids so they could play.

We walked, side by side, back up the hill to our house, Colin screaming the whole way….an awful sound to any parent. I was struggling with adjusting to being a new mom and all that entails. I was scheduled to start back to work the very next day and Colin was to have his first day of “school” I was worried about all of it. But, there, by my side, walking up the hill with me was Courtney. Calm and confident, no stranger to screaming babies, she just patted me on the back and told me I was doing a great job. She told me I would figure this out, that every baby was different and that I just needed to get to know him and what he needs. She had full faith that I would be a great mom.

As I was having a tough time with Colin’s cries, just wanting to get him what he needed, make him happy and content again, Courtney just chatted easily with me not even flinching at the change in plans or his cries. I was in awe of her. After all these years of being the big sister, doing everything first and teaching her things here I saw how much I could learn from her. She was an expert at being a mom, an expert in children. She made all the chaos of being a mom seem like a breeze. She made every child she worked with feel like a superstar.

I hope we can continue that for her, that we can help continue to make children feel special, feel that they can do it. Courtney’s son told me yesterday when I talked to him about his school challenges, “Mom said if you put your mind to it you can do anything”. She was so right. We will take her calm, powerful spirit, always empowering, always encouraging and share that with the children she wanted so much to help.

Little by Little,


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