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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2009

We received a wonderful email update from the Klamath Falls Early Childhood program, our pilot program and where Courtney used to work. She had a long reaching effect on those around her.

Courtney loved any and all holidays, but she really got into Halloween. She decorated the house weeks in advance, and helped her own children carefully plan their costumes. I remember one year she even did a little online research on how to paint her son’s face just right to go with the Star Wars character he was really into that year. It comes as no surprise that she brought that into school with her:

“We were cleaning out a cabinet in our office and found a plastic Easter bucket that she re-decorated for Halloween to put candy in for kids and staff, of course we filled it w/candy.  We also found a wig and cape that she had decorated the Big Bird that stands in our entrance with for Halloween, so naturally we put the costume back on Big Bird!  She brought such joy and fun to our lives and we want to keep that joy and fun ALIVE!”Big Bird all decked out with the team Courtney worked with

The staff also shared with us the effect our very first donation box has had. To remind you, this box contained 200 books and cost about $20 to ship to the school.

“We have given away many books and the teachers have taken at least 20 to use with classroom activities!  Our hearts become full again each time we give out a book to a child.  Thank you for giving us this memorable opportunity to have Courtney continue to bless our lives.”

A Court's Kids Book Finds a New Home

If this doesn’t show you how easy it is for us to have a deep impact, I don’t know what will. We can get books, now we just need to get them to kids…we can do this.

Little by Little,


Our Court's Kids Label on a Donated Book

Our Court's Kids Label on a Donated Book

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