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October 26, 2009

Our son, Colin turns seven months old this week and has just started to really like looking at books. We’ve always read to him but we’ve just noticed him really start to focus in on the pictures lately which is so fun. He also has a little more patience for stories now although he still tries to chew on the books corners (I can feel my book collecting Dad shuddering at that fact all the way up here). He’s starting to see how fun reading can be.IMG_0178

As we continue to move forward with the building of this organization I started to think of home libraries and realized that it was Courtney who supplied Colin with his own library. We had a few books waiting for him in his room when he came into the world but it was Auntie Courtney who brought the library. When she ca to meet him for the first time she brought some clothes and toys her beautiful children were so generous to share with their new cousin. And in another bag, lovingly packed away was a set of about 20 children’s books. All gently loved and clearly read over and over, all the classics like Hop on Pop (Colin’s favorite lately) and even a book about the Texas Longhorns. It was Courtney who filled the bookshelf in his room. She loved her family and she loved books. Her first and only gift to her new nephew was a beautiful set of colorful books to help him begin his journey to loving reading.

How wonderful that we can help other children start their home libraries in Courtney’s name.

Little by Little,


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