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Expanding Our Reach

October 3, 2009

I received an update from our pilot school which I thought I would share:

“Good Morning, I was quite busy yesterday and unable to let you know that we began giving books away at 9am!  We had that initial meeting for a child I screened this summer and from there we had 2 initial evaluations, 2 screenings and a transition meeting.  We explained to each family why their child was receiving a book, I gave the first book and it was a very emotional experience for me.”

I’m amazed at how quickly the books are able to be distributed once they arrive. How wonderful. Knowing that this weekend there are a few families with a new book to share with their children is overwhelming. Three months ago I lost my sister and tonight families in the town where she lived have books from a program that was created in her honor. How did we get here so fast? I am beside myself with excitement and eagerly looking for our next school.

Today I met with a representative from the Vancouver, WA public school district and we talked about the new school year and what schools might need. I learned a lot about the varieties of books schools and what they could use. She’s also going to introduce me to the Early Childhood Intervention Program in Vancouver next week. It’s so exciting to think we could have that next school in the next week or so.

So, off we go, moving forward, one step at a time, little by little.

All the while we inch closer to Halloween, one of Courtney’s favorite holidays. She loved dressing up and decorating and making a big deal out of all of it but, mostly she just loved the candy. One year, when I was in junior high school and thought I knew everything, I begged to be allowed to take Courtney and Lee trick-or-treating in our neighborhood by myself. Up until then Dad always took us but I thought I could do it with no problem. Of course, I was wrong. That was the year a group of older kids jumped out of the bushes and grabbed Lee’s and Courtney’s treat bags and all their candy…Lee was petrified and cried, but Courtney ran after the kids screaming “my candy, my candy!”

We trudged back to the house, both Lee and Courtney crying, and  I had to tell Dad what happened…ugh…He said nothing and just marched Courtney and Lee back out, down different streets and brought them back home only after they had more candy than either of them could possibly eat.

Courtney keeping inventory of the candy. - Halloween 1983

Courtney keeping inventory of the candy. - Halloween 1983

I digress…Happy October!

Little by Little,

Kiki, Courtney & Lee

Kiki, Courtney & Lee


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