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36 Pounds, 200 Books, $22, Countless New Readers

September 30, 2009

Our books have arrived!

I am thrilled to share with you that our first test box arrived at our pilot school in great shape and was delivered to the hands of some very excited teachers. Here is an excerpt from the email I received from our contact there:

“Oh, how exciting to receive the wonderful books today.  We have had a ball going thru them!

Books Being Prepped

Books Being Prepped

I know some of the books will be perfect for the teachers to share with their students during circle time.  I can’t wait to begin giving a book to each child in the program now and each child who comes in for testing.  I know some of the children we test do not have any books at home.   This is the most caring and important gift a child can have-books of their own.  This will encourage parents to share books with their children, an invaluable and incredibly important gift of their time to spend with their children.   We took several pictures and we will get them to you.  Many of the books are in new condition and the variety is awesome!  You have done a spectacular job of sending just what is appropriate for our program.  Bless you and Lee, I can just see Courtney sitting on the floor and looking at these books with kids and savoring every moment.  On behalf of all of us at Early Childhood Intervention, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Needless to say this email was hard to read without bursting into tears of joy. Our first little test went off without a hitch and was received with such excitement. I can see Courtney too, sitting on the floor, covered in kiddos, looking at books. So now we see how possible it is. I have had a little trouble this week getting fully geared up to tackle the 501c3…this email immediately gave me the boost to power through, to get back at it. The image of all those kids enjoying the books was all I needed. And, the image of the books going to families who need them is more fire than I could ever ask for. I can feel Courtney smiling at us, cheering us on.

36 pounds, 200 books, $22, countless new readers…we can make this work.

Little by Little,


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  1. October 2, 2009 1:38 pm

    Congratulations! I’d say your first shipment was a huge success by any measure.



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