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Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Fall

September 19, 2009
Colin & Bryan at the Portland Farmer's Market

Colin & Bryan at the Portland Farmer's Market

Today really felt like fall, waking to sounds of rain and a view of fog in the trees and a chill in the air. We took our 5 month old son to the Farmer’s Market in downtown Portland this morning. It’s one of our favorite things to do, walk the aisles and visit with all the vendors, sampling, smelling and planning meals.

Upon our arrival today there was a new smell, one that was familiar and comforting, but out of place. I couldn’t place it until I saw the stand and the guy roasting chiles. He had a big metal drum roaster and along with the smell you could hear the crackling of the skin of the chilies as they rolled across the flame. It was a familiar experience from my childhood growing up in the Southwest. Every fall on your way into most grocery stores there was often a guy roasting chiles. You bought a bag, handed it off to the guy, went in, did your shopping and when you came out of the store there they were, your chilies all warm and roasted and ready for any number of yummy recipes.

It was fun to take the baby up to the roaster and introduce him to the sight, smell and sound. And when the vendor said that these chiles were grown here in the Northwest from seeds from New Mexico…I had to buy them. The next vendor had cilantro and beautiful tomatillos…green chile enchiladas here we come! Funny that I have all these tastes of the Southwest at our market here on a day that feels so much like fall, a perfect day for watching football. I couldn’t help but feel Courtney nearby. She loved when it got colder, she loved green chile and she LOVED football, Texas football in particular. I had my pink Longhorns baseball cap on, a gift from my husband and a nod to Courtney.

We continued on through the market, picking up the rest of the ingredients for our enchiladas and some squash for Colin. We’re trying all sorts of new foods these days, squash is next. Before you start handing out medals for making your own baby food let it be known how shockingly simple it is. The Gerber people have had us fooled for years, if you can bake a potato, you can make baby food.

Heading back home with our bag of goodies I couldn’t help but feel close to my sister. It is a beautiful fall day, the Longhorns are playing later and I’m going to make green chile chicken enchiladas with fresh roasted New Mexico chiles.

Hook ’em

Kiki & Courtney at a Picnic on the Rio Grande 1983

Kiki & Courtney at a Picnic on the Rio Grande 1983

Little by Little,


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