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Now the Real Work Begins

September 17, 2009

I guess it should come as no surprise that the 501c3 application is WAY more complicated than the Incorporation. I began digging through the 30 page document last night and while I was able to knock out a few sections pretty rapidly there is still a lot left. I can see why people stop at this point. But, I am determined, if Courtney and I shared any traits it was determination and  being bull-headed barreling through obstacles. Luckily I have the even keel, level head of Lee by my side for this. He’s been a huge help, translating some of the pieces and using his deep background in this area to select the best answers. It goes without saying that Lee is an integral part of this entire part. He’s also roped in his lovely wife to peruse with a more legal focus and give us some notes.

Kiki, Courtney & Lee

Kiki, Courtney & Lee

I find it so interesting that for a project with such hurdles locked solidly in place we seem to have resources very close in our network at every turn. It feels as though we are doing exactly the right thing and that makes my heart smile.

At the same time as navigating this document which at times seems as though it is written in a different language, we are working with Nadine at Grow Design on our logo and identity development. She gave us a comprehensive list of questions designed to really get down to the details of how our logo and organization  really should look. Working through those questions was at times fun, making me chuckle at what Courtney would have said and at times be moved to tears. I’m so excited we are at this phase, we are making such great progress!

Which brings me to close this post with a question: When you think of Court’s Kids as an organization, what does our logo or image look like in your mind? Are there colors you see? Images? Just curious to see what our friends and family have to say 🙂

Little by Little,


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