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Sorting Through a Sea of Color

September 11, 2009

Hello friends and family,

Today I spent about 5 hours out at the book warehouse sorting through a pallet of thousands of donated children’s books…it was a sea of color. Beautiful pictures and classic stories, all designed to make a new reader truly love books and love reading. I went out on this fact finding mission not really knowing what to expect and was so impressed with the quality of the books donated. Some a little more gently used (loved perhaps) than others but all in fine condition and perfect for our project. IMG_3615

I was able to sort through about 1200 books myself (although I did recruit my new sales person to help out for a couple of hours) and was able to fill about a dozen boxes with books we can use. To give you a little perspective, one box can hold an average of 150 books. As you get into the books for pre-K and younger you can fit quite a few more as those are generally pretty thin I think I got around 200 of those into one box.

Each box weighs about 20 pounds and I will be spending some time getting a few quotes for shipping costs so we have a better sense of what it will cost to deliver these books to their homes in needy schools. The goal is to have a pretty clear package program for our donors outlining what their donation will be able to do. I am excited to get going on this portion of the project because it will give a little more clarity to what we would eventually be asking for.


Today was another great day for Court’s Kids. As I sorted through the sea of color I couldn’t help but be reminded of my own experience with learning to read. I saw many classics, “Goodnight Moon” worn copies of “Charlotte’s Web” and the whole Beverly Cleary series that I loved when I got into chapter books, remember those? How fun! Throughout the day I felt more encouraged and excited for what we are about to do. And the confirmation that we are doing the exact thing we were meant to do in Courtney’s honor came in the middle of the day. As I pulled my 6th or 7th box up onto the table I opened it up and sitting on top were about 30 different “Bernstein Bears” books…those were Courtney’s favorite, she LOVED them. In fact she brought a small collection up to me for my son when she met him for the fist time. I smiled, laughed and , through teary eyes, kept sorting through the sea of color.

Little by Little


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