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September 2, 2009

Much has happened since the last message and I wanted to give you an update on our progress. Since my last message we have had a wonderful response from many of you willing to pitch in and help. We are so blessed to have such a great group of people with such varied talents and experience that we can draw upon to help make this idea become a reality. I want to first, on behalf of my family, thank all of you who have raised your hand and offered assistance. No matter how small it may feel, every little bit helps us.

So far Lee and I have been working through the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws and are very close to a final draft. Lee’s background in the research and development world has been an incredible help. We are moving along at a great pace!

I have also had initial conversations with the head of the Early Childhood Intervention Program in Klamath Falls where Courtney used to work and they are thrilled with what we are doing and very happy to participate as our pilot program They loved working with Courtney and had such great things to say about what an asset she was to their program and what a special person she was to them. They are actually in the process of purchasing a playhouse for the kids for the new school year and will dedicate it in Courtney’s honor. we are thrilled to be working with this program and hope to learn a lot about what we can provide for similar style programs across the Northwest and eventually, the country.

We have made great progress on developing our Board of Directors, so far we have a number of commitments not only to seats on the board but positions on the Executive Committee. We still have a spot open for Treasurer and then several spots open for Board Members not on the Executive Committee. These spots would not have as much day-to-day responsibilities but would be helpful adding their expertise, ideas and advice as we move along. Which brings me to my next point, I wanted to clarify the details of this role. Many of you have reached out to me saying that you would love to participate somehow but do not feel that you are qualified to be on our board. I must tell you that the closest I have come to being Chairman of the Board of anything is when I sing along with Frank Sinatra as I make dinner (hey, it makes out 5 month old laugh). I am bringing with me my 10 years of marketing experience, my dedication to this idea, my time and my love for my family. We want very much for the Board of Directors to bring a passion for this organization and experience or a skill set we can draw upon. You will not be asked to purchase your seat on the board or be required to bring in a certain level of donations to keep your seat. We will ask you to work your network and get the word out as well as participate in helping us grow but that is it. If you are interested, please let me know. We are getting ready to finalize the Articles of Incorporation and will need to finalize our board involvement soon so even if you have a slight interest but have questions let’s talk about it.

Also, I wanted to give you a quick description of what kind of funds we would be looking to raise once we achieve our legal status. Essentially we have a resource of books and they need to get to schools. How do they get there? We ship them from a warehouse here in the Portland area. How do we pay for these books to be shipped? This is what we are looking to do, raise money to get these books shipped to schools. So, we would work on developing different programs we could ‘sell’ to donors. For example, for $50 you would supply one school with a small library (this is just an example, we don’t have actual costs figured out yet).

Sample Box of Books

Sample Box of Books

Or for larger donors, for $500 you can supply 5 schools with 200 books each which would serve to help X amount of children. Again, these are just examples to give you an idea of how the program could be developed. We would also have grant opportunities for schools to submit for special equipment or materials they might need or for a full library of books. The options are endless but this should give you a sense of what we are trying to do.

So far we have made great progress and are continuing to move forward, I am looking forward to bringing you more updates as we go along. If you have friends or contacts you feel would be helpful or interested in what we do please feel free to forward these updates to them. They can contact me this way.

Thank you again for all of your positive words, thoughts and prayers, they are fueling our program.

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