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A New Chapter

December 13, 2015

Six years ago our family suffered a devastating blow when we lost Courtney, our sister, daughter, mother, friend. Shortly after we, as her siblings, came together and formed Court’s Kids in her honor. Since 2009, we’ve donated over 40,000 books to programs supporting literacy and special education. We’re very proud of our progress in Courtney’s name but that progress has slowed. Since 2009, all four of Courtney’s siblings have had babies of their own and Courtney’s “babies” have grown as well.

As happens as families grow, things become very busy and focus shifts to the day-to-day responsibilities and we have had little extra time to devote to properly growing Court’s Kids as an organization. So, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that Court’s Kids will be taking a (I hope brief) pause to focus on not only our little ones, but Courtney’s. We have pre-schoolers, first graders, some entering middle school and a high school graduate soon and as family had always been important to Courtney, we are choosing to turn our focus on our family now.

Court’s Kids has and will always be supportive of literacy and special education programs and as such have donated much of our remaining funds to The Shadow Project here in Oregon. We have chosen to support their efforts by purchasing audio libraries for local schools in their literacy efforts. We encourage you to do the same. For more information, click here.

Taking a pause has not been an easy decision, we have been discussing this for quite some time now. At the end of the day it comes down to being able to truly drive the mission and grow and we just can’t do that properly right now. Our hope is that we will again soon one day.

Until then, we encourage you to support your local literacy and special education programs in honor of Courtney.

Quote of the Month: Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

December 14, 2014

For those who knew her, it’s no secret that Courtney (the inspiration for Court’s Kids) was a bit of a Wild Thing. She was a fighter, fiercely defending her family, advocating for kids with special needs and never giving up (sometimes to a fault). I want Court’s Kids to embody that spirit, that strength to stand strong in the face of the seemingly insurmountable and let the wild rumpus start.

Sometimes, I think of Courtney as being across the sea, “over a year, in and out of weeks and through a day” where the wild things are…where she is Queen.

To all our fellow Wild Things…let the wild rumpus start!

Little by little,



where the wild things are


Quote of the Month: Anything Can Be

November 2, 2014




Books About Fall

October 11, 2014

We had our first foggy fall morning here in our little area of Oregon. We’ve been blessed with beautiful sunshine and mid-70s weather lately which was starting to make me forget it was October already. Waking to that familiar chill in the air made me kind of excited for boots, scarves, and the coming holiday season.

We also started Kindergarten this year, hard to believe we’ve got a kiddo this big! As part of our weekly homework we have a reading log to record our nightly reading efforts. The chilly fall breeze made me dig around for any of our fall themed books. A favorite has always been Curious George Halloween, this year we’ll work on reading it by ourselves!

Here’s a great list of Fall Books for Children created by teachers.

What are your favorite fall themed children’s books?

Little by little,


Happy Birthday Courtney as we Read Across America

February 23, 2014
books for special education

West Texas Girls – At a picnic on the Rio Grande

So, I just finished doing the Court’s Kids taxes, something I, as a creative, am not a fan of. But, as President of Court’s Kids, it is my serious task for the year. My main fear is that I will goof it up. We don’t bring in much, and what we do bring in goes right back out. As we planned. Our initial goal when we started was to get books in, raise shipping money and ship books out. We’re doing just that and I couldn’t be happier.


When we started this I had just lost my baby sister, the other half of the dynamic duo of Kiki and Courtney. I was a part of a team and then…I wasn’t. I was lost. She had just sent me a care package of her copies of the “Twilight” series and, as a new mom of a beautiful little boy, I was naturally up at the break of dawn and they kept me company. Those books helped me so much, I needed the break from reality for a minute or two. I missed my sister and here, I had in my hands, a book she had held not to long ago. Every once in a while I walk by those books and just touch them, I can feel her there.


It’s Read Across America day soon, March 3rd, the day before what would have been her 33rd birthday. She loved reading, and loved Dr. Seuss, who doesn’t? All of her work with children with special needs can be summed up with this quote:

“Today you are you. That’s truer that true! There’s no one alive that’s you-er than you!”

I’m off to read “Havisham” by Ronald Frame, I’m dying to know about Mis Havisham before being left at the alter.  What are you reading?

Little by little,


2013 in review

December 31, 2013

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,200 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 37 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Quote of the Week

November 23, 2013

"and let thy feet millenniums hence be set in midst of knowledge"